50th Australian Trampoline Championships


Ty Swadling AustraliaTy Swadling was the 2011 National Men’s Individual Trampoline Champion of Australia. He is coached by former Aussie National Champion, Brett Austine, and is currently a health and physical education instructor.


As you are all probably aware last week was the Australian Trampoline Championships in Homebush Sydney. However you may not have been aware that this year…2013, was Australia’s 50th National Trampoline Championships.


Now it may have been our 50th but symbolically felt more like a 21st with the excitement of World Championships ahead, new rivalries being born, and new experiences such as the addition of a teams event as well as the added atmosphere of Rhythmic and Acrobatic gymnastic being contested right alongside the trampolines.

The championships kicked off, as always with the Junior and Senior events. The Senior men’s trampoline event was exciting to watch. Blake Gaudry the overall winner posted an 18.705 for TOF on his 1st routine. Jack Penny the overall silver medalist demonstrated that no amount of injuries, surgeries or university exams would slow him down, increasing his difficulty to a personal best 15.6. And Will Morris, training partner and SYNC partner of Blake broke the 100-point threshold. In the finals I was pleased with my own efforts of posting a 16.7 difficulty and score of 57.760 to crawl onto the podium after testing out the nerves of the spotters in the preliminary round.

In the Senior Women’s Trampoline Claire Arthur’s 1st attempt as a senior competitor resulted in a 1st place followed Emily O’Connor (Australia’s DMT representative for the upcoming World Games) with Korri Loader in the bronze medal position.

The Junior Men’s Trampoline event was a very impressive and highly competitive event. The future of Australia is looking bright. Within the top three boys we saw some huge TOF from Hugh McConnell for the gold, Chinese like execution from Dominic Clarke for the silver, and some classy performances from Blake Rutherford for the bronze. In the Junior Women’s Event, Youth Olympian, Abbie Watts took the gold, young gun Kira Ward took the silver and wild card Chloe Stride stepped up to take the bronze.

In the Senior men’s DMT, Matthew Weal, who has his bags packed for Columbia, took the gold, and the ever-improving veteran competitor of the event Jarrod Spear took the silver. Fletcher Donahue claimed the bronze medal and the bragging rights of the highest difficulty pass in the competition with an 8.4. In the Senior Women’s DMT, Christine Hall posted 4 consistent passes to claim her first National title. Emily O’Connor took the silver medal and bragging rights for most difficult passes (6.0DD) and bronze medal went to up and coming star Lauren Sampson.

In the Junior DMT events Dominic Clarke, this time, took the gold. Curtis Booth took silver competing with some injuries but still putting up some impressive difficulties, and Makonnen Brown displayed his power to take the bronze. In the Junior Women’s event Braida Thomas won the title, Kira Ward again just missing out on the top position to take the silver and surprise performer Tamara Nicolson took the bronze.

The addition of the team’s event which was similar to what is contested at World Championships provided athletes with an opportunity to come together to compete as state vs state, and I must say that the atmosphere provided by this event was really quite amazing. It was late at night and as athletes we were all quite tired, but the combination of the cheering crowd, team sportsmanship, Jarrod Heriot’s booming commentators voice and some outstanding performances inspired everybody and made this event something special to be a part of. It was during this event that Blake Gaudry fought his way through a routine with a difficulty of 17.3 which we are almost certain is an Australian record.

Overall Nationals was a huge success. We had a few welcomed visitors during the week, including two Euro Trampoline representatives; our friends from across the water, New Zealand; and even a guest competitor from Germany (Johanna Gruell). 2000 Olympic silver medalist Ji Wallace popped in to present some medals and 2012 Olympic reserve Shaun Swadling took care of the social media commentaries.

I can safely say that Australia has celebrated its 50th with an incredible event. The Australian trampoline community works tirelessly to provide opportunities for Australian kids to participate and represent in this sport. This is a wonderful community to be a part of and on behalf of all who participated I would like thank everybody who supported us in making the event possible.

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