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 Senior Trampoline Finals begin shortly at Pacific Rim Championships and we are going to switch over from Twitter to this live-blog to try to give you more detail about each routine. Keep this post up and hit refresh to stay on top of the action! Warm up will be starting soon followed by finals at 7 pm Pacific time.


9:43 Well that’s it for Trampoline at the 2016 Pac Rims  Final standing. Women 1. Sam Smith (CAN) 2. Shaylee Dunavin (USA) 3. Sam Sendel (CAN) Men 1. Dmitri Ushakov (RUS) 2. Jeffrey Gluckstein (USA) 3. Dylan Schmidt (NZL)

Interviews to follow- You’ll hear about Schmidt’s last two years since we first saw him at the 2014 Pac Rims in Vancouver; J. Gluckstein’s stunning first skill and planned routines; Dmitri Ushakov’s preparation for Rio. We will find out about what the two Canadian Sams are up to next and why Shaylee Dunavin was so pleased with her routines here.

8:36 Dmitri Ushakov Stellar routine with four triffis’ to begin. No travel and confidence throughout. He should win it! Great competition

8:31 Jeffrey Gluckstein (USA) NIce routine with super high difficulty. Should be a medal for him with just Ushakov to go.

8:28 Ginga Munetomo (JPN)  Starts with a Pike triffis rui out. Lots of travel but he saves it! The athletes are aiming to stay inside the box in trampoline

8:24 Steven Gluckstein  Got into trouble and went right into the corner. He somehow brought it back in and finished well.

8:17 Final group of men are warming up. The Glucksteins (USA), Ginga Munetomo (JPN) and Dmitri Ushakov (RUS) It’s hard to get attention in this artistic-oriented crowd but hopefully these guys can do it!  J. Gluckstein’s Full front half pike triffis could elicit some “wows” if seen by the crowd.

8:10 Dylan Schmidt NZL  WOW!!!He really went for it! Pike Triffis rudi out got a gasp from the audience. After his teammates Alexa’s bronze he probably wanted to give it all he’s got to try to get on the podium too. Depends on what the top group does but it could happen with that routine.

8:08 the US women are at bars right now and waiting close to the trampoline. Their leos are so sparkling like they have crystals on them. Beautiful and flashy!

8:06 Fedorenko (RUS) Lands on the end deck after 3 skills. He had started so high and sharp. What a shame to travel off the trampoline.

8:03 Shaun Swadling (AUS) Early kickout on his pike triffis. Got very close to the end deck but pulled it back into the middle for a great finish with miller straight.

8:01 Ceballos (MEX) Three triffs to start and a strong finish.

7:59 We are ready to go with the men’s finals. In the break we were treated to a performance by Emma, the little gymnast who was featured on The Ellen Show. She showed us her splits and a press handstand. Cute as a button! Good thing she didn’t do her back handspring on the trampoline though!!

7:48 Charlotte Drury (US) Started so high and strong with a pike triffis. Had to sub a back layout in after getting too close to the end. Recovered and then landed her full in full out on the end deck. Disappointing for her she had the potential to win it.

7:45 Sam Smith (CAN) shows why she was a finalist at the 2014 worlds with that routine. Strong and confident all the way through. She will medal.


7:40  Shaylee Dunavin (USA) Shaylee was impressive in preliminaries. She looks like she has stepped up her game this year. Jumping higher, and beautiful form and style along with high difficulty. She finishes strong in finals with a routine that starts with a pike triffis and a full in rudi out

7:37  Sam Sendel. Sam is getting some cheers from the crowd. There are a few Canadian trampoline fans who’ve made the trip down to Everett from Vancouver. It’s just a 2 hour drive. She had a bit of a wait before she was announced. Hopefully it hasn’t affected her nerves… nope! Strong routine for Sam with two triffis’

7:26  Simone Biles just went on floor. The crowd just went crazy for her!! Her tumbling is unreal. It’s nice to have gymnastics and trampoline going on in the same arena. I’ve spoken to several media who are seeing trampoline for the first time here and learning about it.


7:23 Moedi Handa (JPN) The Japanese strategy tonight is clean form before difficulty. Let’s see how they fare after the 2nd group of finalists

7:20 Chiho Matsubara (JPN) a fairly easy routine done with clean form and style.

7:18 There is quite a bit of time between each trampoline routine as they schedule is trying to space out the routines with the artistic gymnastics going on.

7:15 Ksenia Naumenko (RUS) I’m noticing some of the crowd looking over at the trampoline this is good news. Clean lines for Naumenko but not a lot of difficulty. A Stoi! From her teammates for her finish.

7:10  Leanne Van Rensburg. (AUS) Solid routine. She and her coach look quite happy

7:00 Athlete March in! Trampolinists firsts! Nice response from the audience!

6:55  March in has begun. Here come the judges!

6:48 John Macready has entered the gym and has begun his hosting duties! He’s in the crowd interviewing kids up on the big screen and explaining the artistic judging ins and outs. USA Gymnastics puts on a great show with these events. It’s exciting and engaging. And there is a dance cam and a Hershey’s Kiss Cam!

6:43 Warm-up has concluded and the arena is slowly filling up. Largest crowd so far this weekend. With most of the crowd here to see Simone Biles and the US women, hopefully some of their attention will turn over to the trampoline once in a while!

6:18 Warm up has begun. The start list is as follows:

Group 1: Leanne Janse Van Rensburg (AUS) Ksenia Naumenko (RUS) Chiho Matsubura (JPN) Moeri Handa (JPN) Group 2: Samantha Sendel (CAN) Shaylee Dunavin (USA) Samantha Smith (CAN) Charlotte Drury (USA)

Group 3 Esaul Ceballos (MEX) Shaun Swadling (AUS) Nikita Fedorenko (RUS) Dylan Schmidt (NZL) Group 4: Steven Gluckstein (USA) Ginga Munetomo (JPN) Jeffrey Gluckstein (USA) Dmitrii Ushakov (RUS)




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